Learn Piano & Music Theory Through Nursery Rhyme | The first music course for piano beginners


It' always easier to learn to play a piece of music that you have heard before. And nursery rhymes are the songs that most of us are familiar with. Hence, in this beginner's piano course, we teach music theory and how to play piano through nursery rhymes.

The lessons are specially planned to go from easy to hard. We first start with playing just the accompaniment with one hand, and then progress to play both melody and accompaniment with both hands. The aim of this course is to equip you with the skills not only to play the nursery rhymes in this course, but to learn music beyond. I add music concepts gradually to each lesson so that you get to learn a new theory each lesson. And what's the point of learning without applying? The song in each lesson is specially designed in incorporate this new concept.

Lesson Format

  • The course comes with video lecture which you can learn and play together. The video lectures are available for streaming 24/7.
  • Printables in pdf format are also provided for download to accompany the lessons.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn to play on the piano, nursery rhymes:

  • ABC song
  • Up and down the swing
  • Hot cross bun
  • Mary had a little lamb
  • London bridge is falling down
  • Ode to Joy
  • Baby shark
  • The Wheels on the bus
  • Happy Birthday

You’ll also learn how to play classical pieces like Ode to Joy by Beethoven and the C Major scale.

I added in music theory gradually in each lesson, so that you don’t even feel that you are learning theory.

We start off with just the C note, and progress to learn more notes. Apart from learning how to read notes on the music score, I teach other music theory, like the staccato, time signature and more. Don’t worry, we add these theory bit- by- bit into each new song you learn, so you would have learnt this theory without realizing it. =)

Why learn songs and theory at the same time?

Well, learning music doesn’t stop at the end of the course. While I teach you how to play the nursery rhymes and songs, I want you to be able to read music scores that you come across, and play it yourself in future.

Who should use this course

  • This course could be used as a curriculum for teachers and parents who want a systematic way to teach piano beginners piano and music theory.
  • Anyone who's new to piano and would like to learn piano through a guided course

What do you need to access this course

  • Internet connection to stream the videos
  • Preferable a piano or keyboard to learn while watching the videos

About the creator of this Course

This course is created by Emily Wong who has decades of experience crafting and delivering music curriculum to piano beginners of all age. You can find out more about her at https://music.emilylearning.com.

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Learn Piano & Music Theory Through Nursery Rhyme | The first music course for piano beginners

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